While communications are critical for all organizations, voice communications are often viewed as business critical. Companies view the need to talk with their customers as essential and are willing to invest significant resources to ensure that voice communications are always available to their customers for support, service, and sales.

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Voice Services
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Voice communications technology spans a wide technical range, including fixed-line, mobile, VoIP and satellite systems. As a leader in telecommunications solutions, StoneNet Services has expertise in all voice communications systems, including traditional systems, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), Long Distance, PRI’s, toll-free, and wireless systems.

From the beginning, voice communications have been the most heavily regulated communications services in the world. Familiarity with the regulatory environment is essential for navigating through services, markets, vendors, and solutions for voice communications. StoneNet Services consultants help customers with these considerations on a regular basis.

Voice communications services are available from local exchange carriers and interexchange carriers in a wide range of services and packages. Carriers also buy and sell voice communications services on a wholesale basis. StoneNet makes all of these options available to our customers for consideration.

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