Multi-Site Networks

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is a high performance technology that can deliver data, voice, and video to any location over a fully meshed private network.

Voice Services
StoneNet Services can help you realize the benefits of MPLS, especially if your business requires any of the following:
Any-to-any connectivity (i.e. meshed or partially meshed network)
The ability to prioritize different applications
Future proof architecture that can rapidly change to business needs
LAN-to-LAN or WAN-to-WAN connectivity over private networks
Reduced networking costs and improved speed-to-market for its products

It provides a secure, reliable and cost effective way to share applications and information between offices, remote workers, vendors and even partners. By introducing MPLS, businesses can streamline operations, improve productivity of staff and lower the total cost of ownership.

The technology supports all connection types including leased lines, ADSL, SDSL and Ethernet. It is also highly scalable making it easy to expand IT infrastructure through multiple sites, remote workers and new applications.

By assigning labels to data, MPLS prioritizes traffic. This allows systems to perform more reliably and efficiently, especially business-critical and delay sensitive applications (e.g. VoIP).

In the past, point-to-point circuits or IPSec tunnels (VPN) were the only viable options for a business transmitting data between multiple sites. This proved to be costly and complex both to implement and maintain. MPLS allows businesses to create a private network that is fast, reliable, and simple to administer. Commercially, it can help your business gain a competitive advantage and turn IT into a benefit, not a cost burden.

MPLS is an affordable solution for any small to medium business that wishes to enable its workforce to communicate securely and efficiently between sites, staff, suppliers and customers.

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