Frequently Asked Questions

StoneNet Services is a knowledge-based telecom and data consulting firm offering in-depth expertise in telecommunications. Our services are represented into two solution areas: Voice & Data and Professional Services. When combined, StoneNet offers one of the most comprehensive solutions eliminating the telecom infrastructure challenges faced by IT, office and executive management.

No, we represent our service providers directly to you, similar to an insurance or mortgage brokerage, but for telecom. Your service, billing and customer service will be provided directly by the carrier or service provider you choose. We are here to interface between you and the carrier in order to make your total experience very professional.

Most service providers maintain both a direct and an indirect sales channel. Both channels have access to the same service and support within the company. However, there are some major differences between the two with respect to how you, as the client, are treated. Some of the advantages to using a telecom agency rather than a direct rep include:

  • We are neutral and can provide the solution that best fits your business.
  • We are a single point of contact for numerous telecom providers therefore you don't have to meet with various provider reps, each with their own spin.
  • We pre-qualify the provider in your area.
  • We provide you a side-by-side comparison of options.
  • We compare products, plans and prices from multiple providers.
  • We always make sure that you receive the best value proposition.
  • We help coordinate the order and implementation process.
  • We have a vested interest in your business and stick with you after the sale.
  • We have no quotas.
  • We work for you.

We do not charge a fee for our service and consultations. We are paid by the carriers we represent on a commission basis, which allows us to deliver our service free to you.

Direct sales reps represent the carrier they work for, not the customer. They are motivated to sell the highest rate you will buy to maximize the pay they receive for your account. We do our best to represent the customer not the provider. We are motivated to keep you as a customer for the long term. We accomplish this by showing your business the best and most updated plans on an ongoing basis. It is our goal to keep your account forever!

There is no catch. StoneNet Services provides you with the best fit solutions at the lowest cost. Our quoted prices are the same or lower than you could get by calling the service providers directly. We will never try and sell you the "flavor of the month'. You can always be assured we have your best interests in mind and will be honest and direct in our recommendations.

That's great. Telecommunications is a very competitive industry. Companies are constantly integrating new technologies and services. Prices tend to decrease over time as well. However, they don't generally inform you as they should. We will review your current products, plans and prices. More often than not we will save you money because we stay abreast of the constant changes that occur and use that knowledge to your benefit.

We will initially ask you to provide us information on your current services (usually information from your bill). We will also interview you and ask pertinent questions on how you use your voice and data services to operate your business. We ask a lot of questions about the direction you want to take your business so that we can help get you there. This information is held in the strictest confidence.

Phone numbers are the property of the customer. Local Number Portability is guaranteed by the FCC.

This depends on where the customer purchased email addresses from. Some ISP's like SBC will not let customers keep ISP-provided addresses. StoneNet will, however, show businesses easy ways to create and control their own addresses regardless of their Internet Provider choice.

Yes. StoneNet submits a directory service form with every order to guarantee the customer's preservation in Directory Assistance.

Depending upon the products, many service providers can deliver one bill for all the customer's local, long distance and Internet products.

No carrier or agent can guarantee an interruption-free service transition. Between a customer's phone equipment vendor and the phone company, a transition plan has to be made. StoneNet always manages this process for its customers. With careful planning, our customers experience a minimal downtime from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending upon the complexity of the projects.

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